Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This blog is dedicated to the late Prof. M.A.R. Barker's magnificent world of Tékumel, and specifically, to a couple of personal Tékumel "fanon" projects that I have been working on, intermittently, for quite a few years now.

One is a treatise on Tékumelani naval warfare, the other an ethnographic monograph on the Tsandáli, an agricultural clan found on the middle reaches of the Eqúnoyel River, in Káija Protectorate.

I alternate between the two, and though the naval treatise is the one I started first, the ethnographic study keeps nagging for my attention: possibly ensuring that neither is ever finished!

So, expect to see subsections and illustrations from either or both of these projects appearing here from time to time. And who knows, perhaps also my personal reflections, both on the world of Tékumel, and on the world of Tékumel fandom.


  1. A wonderful start to your blog!

    Hopefully you will not keep us waiting too long for the naval information ... ;)

  2. Thank you!

    Okay, right, so... the naval stuff... I haven't quite decided how to break that one down for a blog, though I do intend to. It may not be something to get all excited about though; Chirine has seen an earlier draft pdf and can probably back me up on that point.

    Anyway I'll try to put something up soon

  3. No worries here - I can be patient so please do not rush.

  4. Just discovered your wonderful blog.
    Thanks for it!

    Here's to making 2015 Tekumel's year!

  5. I'll drink to that!

    glad you enjoyed your visit, drop by any time!