Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another Season Begins

So, lovely evening for grilling. We planked a salmon for dinner. It was nice.

Tomorrow I fly north to begin another field season. I have about a week of office-y prep and mobilization tasks and then its full-time fieldwork. I'll be bringing some Tekumel resources in the hope of doing more on the monasteries piece. Nothing much, just the Sourcebook and Vol 2 of Mitlanyal. But I have to say, I bring Tekumel material with me every year, and yet, I never end up finding time to tinker with Tekumel. If you notice my posting dates you'll see I always go pretty dark between roughly Canada Day (that's July 1) and Hallowe'en. Realistically, I will most likely go dark this summer as well. Field days are long and there's not much left of me between supper and bedtime. Just not as young as I used to be.

Oh well. That said, while my real-world reportage was out for review, I was able to sneak back to Tekumel and almost finish the Vimuhla/Chiteng section. So that's good.

Here's hoping this will be the year I have the energy to visit Tekumel in my evenings. If not, well, I'll see you in the fall!

have a great summer everyone

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Monasteries Update and a Language Matter

Since early February I have been face and eyes into real-world report writing, so the monasteries piece has been on hold.

What I was able to do through January was, complete the finished text on Dlamelish/Hrihayal monasticism, and a short, very speculative section on monasticism among the Pariah worshippers. In addition, the section on Vimuhla/Chiteng is blocked out, and about half of it is finished text.

So that's where the piece stands right now. I'll return to it when I can.

An unrelated issue: it has been brought to my attention that over a year ago, when I released Naval Warfare, there was a conversation on a Tekumel Facebook page about the translation of my blog title. I don't do the Facebook thing, so I wasn't aware of it at the time.

Apparently people were able to parse the text pretty well, but there was some head-scratching over the "shuma" part (shuma=holy, shumashuma=most holy), because shuma isn't listed as a General Attitude Suffix (GAS) in the Tsolyani Language book.

Very true! It isn't, so I can understand the puzzlement. But I didn't just make it up. The Professor listed "shuma" as a GAS over in the Tsolyani Language Yahoo Group.

That group was originally set up for the Professor to give language lessons, that's what I joined for way back when. Obviously, with the Professor gone, it no longer serves quite the same purpose. But I recommend the group to anyone with an interest in the Tsolyani language. There's stuff in there you will not find in the Tsolyani Language book.

I have a link to it over on the right.