Monday, October 9, 2017

...And Another Season Ends

Back again, another season of fieldwork complete.

Not just another season though. The fieldwork is finished, so this was the final season for this project. A project I started 19 years ago. Damn. There's still analysis and writing to be done, but after all this time, it's hard to believe it's actually coming to a close.


  1. Well thanks, the end is bittersweet to be honest, but it has been a great project

  2. Congratulations and welcome back. Hopefully the bugs didn't get too much of you.

    1. Thanks, it was a cool, wet summer for us so one of the worst years when it comes to bugs. How about you?

  3. I also survived, cool and wet here as well. Summer was slow and lazy, but autumn appears to be quite busy so far. The workload has increased exponentially for me and the days have been very long. Is it Christmas yet?