Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another Season Begins

So, lovely evening for grilling. We planked a salmon for dinner. It was nice.

Tomorrow I fly north to begin another field season. I have about a week of office-y prep and mobilization tasks and then its full-time fieldwork. I'll be bringing some Tekumel resources in the hope of doing more on the monasteries piece. Nothing much, just the Sourcebook and Vol 2 of Mitlanyal. But I have to say, I bring Tekumel material with me every year, and yet, I never end up finding time to tinker with Tekumel. If you notice my posting dates you'll see I always go pretty dark between roughly Canada Day (that's July 1) and Hallowe'en. Realistically, I will most likely go dark this summer as well. Field days are long and there's not much left of me between supper and bedtime. Just not as young as I used to be.

Oh well. That said, while my real-world reportage was out for review, I was able to sneak back to Tekumel and almost finish the Vimuhla/Chiteng section. So that's good.

Here's hoping this will be the year I have the energy to visit Tekumel in my evenings. If not, well, I'll see you in the fall!

have a great summer everyone


  1. Good luck and keep safe. Hopefully you are productive on both counts: professionally and recreationally (i.e. Tekumel).
    I'll have to get in gear and post some stuff on my blog. Got tonnes more on Pechano that can go up, and it seems you are probably the only one who reads it.

    1. Yes. I hope you can. Have you ever considered working up a gazetteer of Pechano? I mean really, between your own experiences and your pers comms with the Professor, you are surely the authority on the subject

  2. Yes, helicopter's ready, we fly tomorrow. Yes we do have a lot of bear encounters but the team has grown up around bears, they know how to handle them. And we all know about food waste and whatnot. A fed animal is a dead animal, right? Don't want that. Anyway, thanks guys, It's gonna be a good season.