Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some Miscellany

Okay, some Tsandali-related miscellany.

One thing I have noticed looking at the traffic here is that people are more likely to read a post if there is a picture attached, so I'll try to make sure I always have one to post. It might not always relate to the text however

This week a little vignette from the House of Perfect Poise in the Cloister of Aládh, a courtyard in the Monastery of the Third Crescentine Aspect at Ngáye'èshu. This monastery of Hriháyal perched on a ridgetop overlooking the Eqúnoyel River is an important institution in Tenkare Prefecture, particularly for the Tsandáli. Narrative dance is highly esteemed in the clanhouses of the largely illiterate Tsandáli, and many youths and maidens from the higher-ranking lineages of the clan are sent to Ngáye'èshu to study the arts of Aládh. Here we see a student assuming one of the Eighty-Seven Poses  in the Twelfth Mode of the Lesser Epics, under the watchful eye of her instructor.

 Moving right along, I am kind of happy to see that no one seems to have strong feelings about the precise location of the northern border of Kaija Province. Right now I am going through source materials, canon and non-canon alike, to see if I have missed any plants or animals that should be present in Kaija. Once that review is complete, I will be able to post the chapter on the environment and ecology of Tenkare Prefecture.

Looking ahead to the chapter on Tsandali agriculture, I have just posted a list of Tsandali agricultural terms over on the Tsolyani Language Yahoo Group. Criticism and comment are welcome.


  1. This stuff is great. AS one whose blog languishes for want of attention, I have to ask, what roots and berries are you taking to keep up this level of quality product.. Are the illustrations yours?

  2. Thank you, I appreciate your interest; you know, I can't really be certain, but I suspect your blog gets an order of magnitude more views than mine. And that's the way it should be. Yours is one of the core Tekumel blogs. Mine is a tangent.

    As for quality, again thank you, yes I do my own illustrations, though I think I am more a writer than an illustrator. And there aren't any roots and berries involved. Just time. Lots of time. Years, in fact. You said it yourself the other day: yes I have been thinking about this stuff for quite a while. And writing about it. And occasionally illustrating. The illustrating in particular doesn't come quickly or easily, but given time I can do some things. Just like anyone can.